The art of Alfons Bürgler - to discover in Zurich






The artist from Central Switzerland opened his gallery in Zurich-Oerlikon on 11 May 2018. Paintings, sculptures and objects can be viewed in the newly renovated location.

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Tramstrasse 100, 8050 Zurich Oerlikon       

By car: print out parking possibilities:  

Public transport: by bus no. 75 (direction Schwamendingerplatz) from bus stop Bahnhof Oerlikon Ost to bus stop 4 Friedackerstrasse, from there on foot.



The art of Alfons Bürgler - to discover in Zurich

By Peter Killer  -  art historian, former co-editor of the culture magazine "Du", former art critic Tages-Anzeiger

Hand on your heart! How many artists from Central Switzerland do you know? Have you heard anything about Alfons Bürgler? With his Baumfigurenkabinett and his Galeriehaus, there are two Bürgler private museums in his home town of Steinen SZ, and not a few of his works of art can be seen in public or semi-public spaces. The fact that his name and his rich oeuvre are nevertheless known only to a few people from Zurich is mainly due to the fact that today the number of Swiss artists has reached an unmanageable size.

If the mountain does not come to the prophet, the prophet goes to the mountain, they say. Alfons Bürgler has recently set up a permanent exhibition in Oerlikon, Tramstrasse 100, which provides a representative overview of his work. His paintings and sculptures hang and stand in the lovingly renovated rooms of a former bakery.

The 82-year-old Alfons Bürgler loves movement and is filled with an unusually intense zest for life. He loves to dance and is on the move a lot. Dance has remained the main theme of his panel paintings to this day. Mostly there are dozens, sometimes hundreds of pairs, which he rows next to and among each other, painted with the brush or drawn with the end of the brush into the wet paint. His small and large three-dimensional goblins, with which Alfons Bürgler has made a name for himself as a sculptor, are also in motion. He has cut them out of small trees and trees in hedges and at forest edges, where they should have been deforested or thinned anyway. Only an artist's eye is capable of discovering figures in the multitude of branches and little branches. Alfons Bürgler had highly qualified bronze casters bring many of the often very fragile figures into a form that would last for centuries.

Understandably, the gallery is not always open. An appointment can be made for a visit to the exhibition, or a private tour of the artist can be arranged if desired.



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